Roomers light up

In 2017 Roomers will be working with artist and animator Maree Woolley to create a piece of projector art. Maree will run a series of workshops with the writing group and together we will create something wonderful which will then be projected up into the night sky using a building as a screen somewhere in St Kilda. Sometime mid-year when daylight savings ends.  We are a little vague on details right now, but it will be amazing! Drop us a line if you’d like to be involved.

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The hallway the alleyway art posters

What if the alleyway is safer than the hallway? How does a room become a home? What do you need to feel safe where you live?

These questions were central to a multi-platform arts project undertaken by the Roomers Group in 2011. Through a variety of mediums: written, spoken word and visual the group explored the following questions:

Do shared living spaces create community or just risk?

How much say should we get in who we live with?

What if the alleyway is safer than the hallway?

Can we ever leave stories of violence behind?

How does a room become a home?

The following art posters were created by the Roomers group and Tom Civil, co-founder of small Melbourne-based radical publishers Breakdown Press. We also titled  issue 48 “the hallway the alleyway” and there you will find the written pieces created during the project.. To read the magazine, go to our issues page, click on issue 48 and have a look.

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