Issue 66: The three R’s : Reading, Writing and Roomers

Readin, Writin, ‘n’ Roomers. What more d’ya want?

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Editorial – Philippa Armstrong

Man-A-War – Roderick Waller

Untitled – Pen pal

Square Up – Anthony Cheshire

Ernie – Barry Lee Thompson

For the Love of Agatha – Anthony Cheshire

The Bush – Dhugal Bissett

No Thank You – Anna Gould

A Lesson From the Owl – Simon Andrewartha

RWG – Ant

The Writer – Barry Lee Thompson

Did you Tickle a Midget in Portugal? – Paul Harper

RIP Buffy – Tanya Page

The Gatwick Library – Wendy Butler

Bookstore, Reading, and Writing – Anna Gould

Untitled – Timna Kenny

Untitled – Dean Briggs

To Do – Paul Harper

Reading on the Steps of the Gatwick – Wendy Butler

Honest Whore – Wendy Butler

Speed Dating at the Gatwick – Wendy Butler