Issue 44: The rock’n’roll issue

Some musty and not so musty musical memories.

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Year of the Rabbit – MaryGrace Levakis
Artwork – Dave Faulkner
Fred – Viv Gay
Lonesome Highway – Paul South
Junky waiter – MaryGrace Levakis
A rambling on rock’n’roll – Janet De Longville
Thoughts and artworks – Rod Kane
The hand – Janet De Longville
April blues – Bevan (John) Kirkland
Rock’n’Roll – Eddie ink
Bourbon and coke – Philip Brunt
Untitled – John King
Cartoon – The Roomers Group
Clueless – Paul (Prole) Gruyters
My school dance – Bevan (John) Kirkland
Living with the rat – Paul South
First concert and first record – The Roomers Group
Rock and Roll – Simon Sewell
The secret garden – Wendy Buchwald
Existence – John King
Social workers I have known – Warwick Knight
Storm across the Wimmera – George Hall
Thoughts of music – Brigitte Belcourt
So real – Dan McGuiness and Phil Heuzenroeder
The angel of doom – Dave Faulkner
Rock’n’Roll – Dave Hughes
Dwellers with one wish – Rose Higgins
Who killed Elvis Presley? – Wendy Butler
A guide to treasure hunting – Paul Harper