Issue 48: The Hallway, The Alleyway

What if your hallway was as dangerous as an alleyway?

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Mouse – Eleanor Henderson
Delusion/Clarity – Dee Fisher
Ceremonies for the street – George Hall
Innocence – Tom Carmody
Flamingo House – Bevan (John) Kirkland
A Man for Margaret – MaryGrace Levakis
Neuronal – Warwick Knight
Dreams – Warwick Knight
From Hallways to Alleyways – Dave Hughes
Communal Living – Janet De Longville
Pastoral – Paul Harper
PDRS, What’s that? – John King
Poem number one – Wendy Butler
Life changing impulse – Rose Higgins
Flying High at last – Rose Higgins
Social Meals in Rooming Houses program
Surviving the Gatwick – Wendy Butler
Rooming Houses eh? – Michael Parker
The man in the mirror – Trevor Donohue
Roomers Art Posters