Issue 46: Sprung

Boing boing.

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Artwork by Julie Shiels
Russian roulette – Bevan “John” Kirkland
Barfnite – Simon Sewell
Sprung! – Janet De Longville
The tree trunk – Gladys Lyons
For Joanne, my big sister – Simone
Schizophrenia -John King
Interview with Julie Shiels – Philippa Armstrong
How to get your letter in the paper – Wendy Butler
I love a sunburnt junkie – The Roomers Group
I prefer the rats – Paul South
Sprung – Dave Hughes
The importance of being – Ian Sykes
Go – Sir Sigmund Nigmour
Book town – Paul Harper
The joy of sharing – Ken Evans
Her recorded greeting – Rose Higgins
Surrender – John King
The Yamoto ensemble – Paul Harper
Love is a drug – Tom Carmody
Over and out – Iam Sykes
Deep down – Warwick Knight
More clarinet – Paul Harper
A Fitzroy romance – Paul Harper
Father gets so emotional – Tom Carmody
I’m not convinced – Warwick Knight
Four seasons – George Hall