Issue 58: Something About Love

Love is the drug.

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All I want is loving you and music – Wendy Butler
Hamsty is Gone Magic – Tanya Page
I Offer You – Dean Briggs
LOVE. – Warwick McKnight
Revalations of Life – Leslie Holding
the fecund heart of mathematics – Paul Harper
Tammy with a bow on her bum – Wendy Butler
Mark Edwards
The Love That Dare Not Bark Its Name – S. James Carter
Annie + me – Mary Grace Levakis
Goon. – Paul Harper
Jem Buckley
LOVING BOOZE – Bevan John Kirkland
Instant forever – Leaf Van Amsterdam
Past Dating – Mary Grace Levakis
Fingers – Paul Harper
Jem Buckley
Rae Briggs, Honeycomb tree: Ideas, social order, individual, country, world.
A letter to my daughter – Maria Gorman