Issue 9: Roomers magazine

A good and lasting friendship is a wonderful thing.

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Roy’s tale from the deep – Roy Weir
Stretching a centrelink dollar – Bill Johnson
Humpty Dumpty – one scrambled egg – Alan Heazlewood
The finger lickin chicken – Alan Heazlewood
Twilight – Gloria Trumpett
Postcards from St Kilda part 2 – Paul South
Reflections – Martha Pregal
The best thing – Brian Painter
My dog – Dean Clutterbuck
Dreams – Kay
Klara’s – Steve Niva
Meeting Lorraine – John Scott
Football – Noel Turner
Not then but now – Lorraine Fenton
The rivulets of time – Jurgen Kraus
Tony Virgona and Raymond Reynolds
Green thumbs – Robert Reed
What is love? – Val Jones
Et homo factus est – Chris Claire
Demons and shadows – Martha Pregal