Issue 43: Nature

Mother nature, human nature and the nature of things.

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St Kilda – Martine Rigby
I was in love once – Rose Higgins
Uncle Neil – Dave Faulkner
A big night – Paul Harper
In and outhouse issues – Damuj
Stumpy – Fred Dugina
It’s cool to whinge when it’s hot – Bevan (John) Kirkland
A moment in time – Lindsay Learhinan
Untitled – Fred Dugina
The night of the four ton rice cake – Paul Harper
The best little SRS in town – Bevan (John) Kirkland
Hi-Lo – MaryGrace Levakis
Where’s the bell hop? – Rose Higgins
little boys – Jo Hennessy
Wasted winter – Bevan (John) Kirkland
Nature girl – Wendy Butler
Lost senses – Simon Sewell
I need a bathroom with a lock – MaryGrace Levakis
Roomerations – Brigitte Belcourt
She was only nineteen – Simon Sewell
Nature – An ordinary Joe in a rooming house
The Grandfather – Dorene Fisher
The blue room – Janet De Longville
Lost – Brigitte Belcourt
Nature- David Hughes
Uncle Jimmy – by an unknown US soldier, adapted by George Ha;;
Infatuated again – MaryGrace Levakis