Issue 53: Microfiction

Big tales, small tales, long tales, short tales.

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The Last Mage – Liam Jackson
Getting Plaid – Sir Sigmond Nigmour
Swimming in Frank’s Shoes – Joanna O’Donnell
In Other Words – Susan Morrison
Clean Cut – Chiara Scarabicchi
The Storm – Trevor Brown
Postcards from The Gatwick – Wendy Butler
To Sur – Realize – Paul Owens
Blunt Instrument Au Go Go – Paul Harper
Janet’s Fast Flash Un Fiction – Janet De Longville
Someone we know – Simon Sewell
Glitter – Kaye Alexander
Restless Spirit – Mary Grace Levakis
Baby successfully sues high profile toy company – politically motivated correspondent
The Musician – Joe Frederick and G.K.M
Part Two – Dean Briggs