Issue 42: Roomers 42

Extra extra. Read all about it.

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The Poor & the Infamous – Damaj
Sette Bella – Fred Dugina
My Stone Story – Brigitte Belcourt
A Barbeque – Brigitte Belcourt
Garbage Ideology – Paul Whitby
Compulsory Income Management – Wendy Butler
See-Ya – Mary Grace
One Summer’s Day – Kelvin Thomas
Marie and I – John Kirkland
Daredevil Dave – Dave Faulkner
Writing Man – Debbie Lustig
Reality TV – Paul Whitby
Old Square Eyes – Paul Harper
At Some Point – Paul Harper
Jennifer – Fred Dugina
Aj, Aj, Aj – Damaj
Sam – Damaj
Hydra and the Devil’s Spawn – George Hall
Connections – Jan De Longville
Horse is a Horse – Dalmaz Babare