Issue 41: Memories and dreams

Moving tributes to friends and lovers no longer here.

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For Helen – Jo Hennessy
Memories of David – Wendy Butler
Memories of David – Delwyn Block
In search of truth – Simon Sewell
Jolt not my fault – Jenny Ling
Who am I? – Estell Carew
Runaway – Jo Hennessy
Depression – Lindsay Learhinan
The day my life changed – Debbie Lustig
Travelling man – MaryGrace Levakis
three poems by Andy Dowd
Andrayous – Michael Parker
The colour of black – Paul Whitby
From the moment I saw her, I knew it was true – Ashley Miller
Memories – Estell Carew
All you need is love – Martine Rigby
Uneasy guests – M.R. Wilson
Time to talk – Jack Chadwick
Bubble – Paul Harper
Dragonfly – Martine Rigby
Lily – Dee
Laurel & hardy – Philip Brunt
Song – Paul Harper
Future – Brigitte Belcourt
Donna Mitchell – Michael Parker
Emotionally articulate wins the day – D.H.