Issue 49: Fractured Fairytales

Shake it up and crack it open, rearrange and reimagine.

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The Fairy Detective – Dean Briggs
A Love Story – Jo Hennessy
Leaving Zen – Janet De Longville
The Awakening – Anna Brants
Miss Goldie And Her Three Bears – Janet De Longville
Goldilocks and the Three Bears – MaryGrace Levakis
Rocking Cat – MaryGrace Levakis
Raging River – Pat Lambert
Utopia – Paul South
March 22 Excerpt – Paul South
The Rain – Paul South
Rats on no Evil Star – Paul South
Wishes – Rose Higgins
A warning to witches of the male persuasion – Wendy Butler
A Door Marked ‘Destiny’ – George Hall
Pegasus The Flying Horse – Trevor Donohue
Business as Usual – Paul Harper
Pay Day Loans
Brigitte – Rob Kane