Issue 55: Footprints

One small step for Roomers.

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Footsteps – Philippa Armstrong
The Final Epiphany of Martin Lowry – Wendy Butler
Time of My Life – S. James Carter
Footsteps of a Ranting, Meandering Something of No Consequence – Dean Briggs
And I Am So Full Of Shit – Dean Briggs
These Old Pet Grieves or Crumbling Footprints – Jack Chadwick
I danced the dance – Anon
Illustrations – Mary Grace Levakis
How to Reduce Your Footprint in a Rooming House – Wendy Butler
On Our Bay – Phillip Brunt
In Exile – Tana McCarthy
Little Mermaid – Tana McCarthy
What Can I Give – John King
Cats Put Paw Prints on Yer Heart! – Janet de Longville
Accord – Paul Harper
The Wave – Mary Grace Levakis
Our Story – Warwick Knight
Illustrations – Siw Ranis
Woman On a Roof – John Saradon
Phervorstday – Sir Sigmond Nigmour
Footsteps – Daphne Sturzaker
For Whom the Foot Falls – S James Carter
Book Review: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), fifth edition – Doctrine Motivated Writer