Issue 56: Food

Can I have some more?

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Food – Philippa Armstrong
Super size me with a small side of fries and the toy of the day. Make that two! – Dean Briggs
In the Image of Big Brother – Greg Freeman
Brett and Butter – Mark Edwards
Food – Mark Edwards
D – Paul Harper
Sssh – S. James Carter
Untitled – Warwick Knight
Take it Easy – John King
Custard – Sean Batchelor
Banana – Wendy Butler
Italydutch – Sean Batchelor
Beach House Bitch House – Jonathan Tindall
Sao: The Ethical Biscuit – Wendy Butler
Worn Strings – Sir Sigmond Nigmour
More Food – Sir Sigmond Nigmour
Dieting Blues – Daphne Sturzaker
Apple Delight – Daphne Sturzaker
To My Bobbie (Walk Through the Seasons) – Daphne Sturzaker
Nocturnal Munchies – Timna Kelly
Buying a Dream – Mary Grace Levakis