Issue 64: Done to death

Roomers: the last frontier

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Editorial – Philippa Armstrong

So Ned – Gem Buckley

In memory of Jem Buckley

Done to death (the rape of old ladies) – S McT

Do you ever think about ants? – Pen pal

ears crossed – Paul Harper

Done to death – Anna Gould

Now some people – Wendy Butler

Hello comrades – Anthony Cheshire

Plumaged to death – Tanya Page

Naturally – Oligarthy – Timna Kenny

Done to death – Rod Waller

Rubbish list – Yanina Vanderberg

so far – Paul Harper

I think that I shall never see – – Anon

Speak Up – Dean Briggs

She died – Anthony Cheshire

AMDG – Maria Gorman

Neighbourhood – Barry Lee thompson