Issue 57: Clothes

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Clothes – Philippa Armstrong
My Big, Gay Jumper – S. James Carter
Leafing Through a Southerly – Jack Chadwick
School Clothes – Jem Buckly
Willie Road Fashionistas – Philippa Armstrong
Comfort & Performance Does Exist – Paul Harper
Bens Battle – John King
parallel apparel ( the 96 remix ) – Jack Chadwick and the pH Factor
The End – Warwick Knight
Naked in Fitzroy Street – Wendy Butler
Broken shoe – lace – Paul Harper
Out of the Corset – Marygrace Levakis
Clothed – Warwick Knight
Clothes – Clothes – Clothes – Daphne Sturzaker
The Black Silk Stockings – MaryGrace Levakis
Lovely Legs – MaryGrace Levakis
Clothes maketh the individual as a fur/hair substitute for people – Hustle? Nor fur suit – Eddie Collyer
Roomers Write Back
Here Is My Fashion – Dean Briggs
Exhausted – Jack Chadwick