It all began, many many years ago, back in 1996, when a group of people got together, and lobbied the City of Port Phillip for a free writing program for rooming house residents. The City of Port Phillip listened, and together with Sacred Heart Mission, ESNLC, and St Kilda Community Housing, the project known as Roomers began.  And now,  twenty-three years later,  we’re still here! The key components of Roomers are a free twice-yearly magazine, free weekly creative writing classes, a mentoring program and regular opportunities to perform at spoken word events, festivals and other professional and community celebrations. Roomers is packed with writing and art. In it you’ll find a diverse range of writers contributing fiction, feature articles, and poetry.  The magazine provides a valuable space for the rooming-house community (and those in other forms of public housing) to share its stories.

Paul. Photo by David La Roach




Jem and Wendy. Photo by David La Roach

Philippa launching issue 63. Photo by David la Roach

Rod in class

Philippa and Yanina in the roomers workshop